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Guest Mix No. 8: State

The UK Techno scene has been unstoppable in 2012. Spearheaded by the likes of Blawan, Boddika and Joy O, to name but a few, the genre has moved further away from the stoic 4/4 structures commonly associated with the genre into more groove-laden territory. State is a perpetrator of such sounds, with a brief listen of ‘Coding’ revealing a soulful rhythm more commonly aligned with House, embedded within dark percussion and menacing low-end. While yet to release anything on a label, judging by what we’ve heard on his Soundcloud and the new bits in this mix, that will change in the very near future. Get to know.

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Guest Mix No. 7: Bobby Browser

For the seventh installment of our guest mix series we’ve enlisted the help of 100% Silk-signed badman, Bobby Browser (known to his moms as Andre Ferreira.) The Oakland-based producer dropped the stellar Just Browsing 12” on the label earlier this year, and has an EP in the works which he is currently “getting mastered.” Ferreira isn’t just a producer however, offering an impressive live synth show and an adept DJ set. This mix is 55 straight minutes of nothing but catchy House tracks, which only a handful of our eagle-eyed readers will be able to trainspot. So if you happen to recognize at least one of these tracks, let us know!

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Guest Mix No. 6: Funerals

Despite being in the game since 2010, it was only a few months ago that we came across Ohio-based duo Funerals - just as they were prepping the release of their joint EP with Ritualz on Mishka’s label. Intrigued by the dark, yet astral jams they’d sent us, we got in contact with them about doing a mix. The resulting mix, despite its 35-minute length, is nothing short of dark yet energetic with the sounds of GoldFFinch, Cosmin TRG and Mosca sharing a kind of kinship with their own. We’ve got a good feeling about this duo. Strap yourself in for the ride.

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Guest Mix No. 5: Indigo Bunting

An Indigo Bunting is a small migratory bird from North America, which is somewhat fitting as this mix migrates through a host of different genres. Starting with a rather soulful intro, things get heavy quickly, with the mix soon shifting into Juke and Jungle territory, and then beyond. Rarely will you hear such an eclectic range of music in a time span of just over half an hour. Perhaps this should be expected however from Zach White (aka Indigo Bunting), a producer whose sound is forever evolving, warping, and always at the forefront of innovative club music. So sit back for a 35 minute musical journey from Kansas City’s finest.

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Guest Mix No. 4: AppleBottom

Joe Arthur is a 17 year old producer from Bristol who’s surely set for big things. Considering his age, or lack of, his ability to craft catchy tracks is impressive. Through the range of songs on his Soundcloud, the quality goes from strength to strength. It’s no surprise that Russian label Wicked Bass have tapped him for an EP due later this year (like Huerco S, our last guest in the Generic Cast series). The mix he’s whipped up for us is short but sweet, going from modern UK club anthems (George FitzGerald, Guy Andrews) to straight-up classics (‘Promised Land’ and ‘Vamp“‘back-to-back), with one or two curve-balls thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

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