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Fools (Stay+ Remix) by The Aikiu

We’re pretty keen on Stay+ and the sound they’ve pretty much single-handedly carved out in the UK electronic world. While most of their tracks do seem to follow a certain pattern - perhaps to the point where you could say it’s almost slightly repetitive, they’re still captivating regardless. We’re not quite sure what it is, but something lures us in every time they drop something new. Big ups,

I’ll Be Broke (Gerry Read Remix) by Clouds


Gerry Read is the master of crafting murky, ultra raw, and not overly accessible House music. It’s a somewhat divisive sound - and one that some people may find a little too Lo-fi for their tastes. At Generic People however, we’ve always had a certain affection for crunchy electronic music, making Read an obvious favourite. This remix would probably work best at 4am on hazed out dance-floors, where everyone is either too tired (or too fucked), to argue about sonics.

Culture (Bambounou Remix) by Bodhi


This one has been doing the rounds since dropping last week - so while it’s likely you’ve already heard it, we simply dig it too much not to post. Shout outs to the one like Jeremy Guido-Zegiestowski (or Bambounou to most of us). Enjoy.

Baiya (Shadow Child Remix) by Delphic


On first glance - well from looking at Shadow Child’s (aka Simon Neale’s) discography anyway, it would seem he released his debut solo EP on Claude VonStroke’s illustrious Dirtybird imprint. However, before this self-titled EP from last year, Neale’s had a long history of releases under the Dave Spoon moniker. This helps explain how he manages to get such a polished House sound in his Shadow Child work - with the remix no exception. It’s an excellent bridging track, as well as jam in its own right, and thus an essential addition for any good DJs’ record bag.

When I Found Out (Chaos In The CBD Remix) by The Phantom


Now based in the UK, New Zealand expats Chaos In The CBD have been a GP favourite since our inception as a blog in 2011. Their characteristically smooth sound strikes a chord with us every time, but at the danger of sounding likeĀ  fanboys, we’ll stop there instead and let y’all enjoy the track. The perfect jam to ease into 2013.