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Higher by Nadus


Rahshon Bright (aka Nadus) is a name slowly starting to gain some much deserved traction in the US Bass scene. The New Jersey based producer dabbles in a few sounds, with Jersey Club, Footwork, and Trap, his main genres. Bright has a knack for getting the percussion in his songs just right, or perhaps we should say - just Bright (boom). He’s also a member of the BrickBandits crew, who we suggest checking out on Soundcloud if you like your club music energetic (and we mean energetic).

A.D.H.D (Nadus Remix) by Kendrick Lamar

Many people might be slightly put off by the frenetic BPM and often repetitive vocal cuts prevalent in Juke. However New Jersey based producer, Nadus (aka Rashon Bright), manages to avoid this entirely. Instead he crafts wonderfully catchy tracks - both originals and remixes. Here he reworks Kendrick Lamar’s breakout hit of last year into a bangin’ Juke number, yet still manages to encapsulate the soul of the original. Snag this one for free off his Soundcloud immediately.