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Sequin by Jack Dixon


Jack Dixon just continues to deliver - over and over, and then again some more. Topping off a momentous 2012, Dixon is giving away this EP for free via his Soundcloud. Generous, no?

Find Shelter by Jack Dixon


It’s well-known that Jack Dixon is one of our many favourite producers at the GP office, with the man churning out solid releases on a consistent basis throughout the last two years. When we found out that Dixon was due to step up onto the Hotflush platform for his next release, we were stoked. He doesn’t disappoint, as shown on the B-side ‘Find Shelter,’ with stuttering vocals colliding with solid Techno chords and groove-laden percussion. As always, we’re looking forward to what Mr. Dixon whips up next. Enjoy.

Lose Myself by Jack Dixon

If you’re unfamiliar with Jack Dixon by now then your probably don’t read our blog enough. We’ve been big fans of the London via Brighton producer since our inception last July, posting numerous tracks of his, as well as interviewing him back in March. His soulful take on Garage and House is always well produced, consistently smooth, and makes some of the best use of vocal samples we’ve heard. ‘Lose Myself’ comes from his Above From The Below EP, which is available now, and also includes an equally impressive Dauwd remix.