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Blue On Blue (Voodoo) by Djrum

Djrum is one of those producers that seems to continually get slept on - in our opinion at least. While not a complete unknown by any means, he’s yet to find broader acclaim in the UK scene, and beyond. In part it may be because of his relatively scarce amount of solo releases - which generally don’t exceed one per year. ‘Blue On Blue (Vodoo)’ is part of 2nd Drop’s Future Foundations 12” series, which are three separate records to celebrate the imprint’s fifth birthday. On the third and final installation of the series, it immediately shines through as the standout track, and one we’ve had on repeat since its release. Don’t sleep on this one.

Roofy by South London Ordnance

The UK Bass world been waiting for South London Ordnance’s debut release for quite some time. The Londoner has been making waves online for the past half a year, dropping a steady stream of bangers via his Soundcloud, and Twitter. Released on the always stellar 2nd Drop Records, the Sanctuary / Roofy 12” lives up to its hype, with both tracks nothing simply breath taking. We can only imagine what he has in store for us for the remainder of this year.

Darlene, Please by Tessela

Tessela seems to have one mode only - floor mode. So if you’re into “ambient rain vibes” then we suggest you stop reading immediately, and kindly go back to listening to your Burial rip-off. The Darlene, Please / Let Up 12" is rough, and relentless, with heavy hitting percussion that simply never lets up. It’s a formula that means Tessela probably only has limited home listening potential; yet almost unlimited floor-destroying capabilities. Use wisely.