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Guest Mix No. 11: Coyote Clean Up


Coyote Clean Up is Detroit native C.J Sienkiewicz. Since moving from Cleveland at a young age, the Motor City has lured Sienkiewicz in - as the place does with many people. His music has gradually evolved over time from Hip hop indebted sounds, to more of a House influence, making the recent association with 100% Silk a perfect partnership. Sienkiewicz’s Frozen Solid cassette was released on the imprint last year, and is soon to be followed by a 12” on the LA based label. He also has a track forthcoming as part of Jimmy Edgar and Derrick May’s We Love Detroit Compilation, alongside a few other upcoming projects throughout the year. The mix itself is eclectic and varied, with a bunch of tracks we don’t know, and some that we do - making it another one for the trainspotters out there.

Click the image to listen.

Guest Mix No. 7: Bobby Browser

For the seventh installment of our guest mix series we’ve enlisted the help of 100% Silk-signed badman, Bobby Browser (known to his moms as Andre Ferreira.) The Oakland-based producer dropped the stellar Just Browsing 12” on the label earlier this year, and has an EP in the works which he is currently “getting mastered.” Ferreira isn’t just a producer however, offering an impressive live synth show and an adept DJ set. This mix is 55 straight minutes of nothing but catchy House tracks, which only a handful of our eagle-eyed readers will be able to trainspot. So if you happen to recognize at least one of these tracks, let us know!

Click the image to listen.

Freedom 2K (Malvoeaux Remix) by LA Vampires x Octa Octa

The collaboration between 100% Silk head honcho Amanda Brown (aka LA Vampires) and Octo Octa, entitled Freedom 2K, came out today and is as stellar as the remainder of the 100% Silk discography. While the original is an euphoric excursion into rhythm stretched over six minutes, Malvoeaux gives the track a rather frosty twist, pulling off something not unlike BNJMN’s productions. However, despite the more restrained composure of the remix, it still retains much of the original’s euphoria.

Marshmellow Yellow (Ital Remix) by Peaking Lights

We’ve slept on this one a bit considering it came out late last year on 100% Silk - one of the most hyped electronic labels at present. Label power-broker Ital gives the Peaking Lights original a more dance orientated vibe, which coupled with the chant like vocals give it a tribal rhythm, undoubtedly designed for the floor. This is definitely one for spinning later in the night when people are a little more open minded - or just intoxicated. Enjoy.