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Guest Mix No. 10: Hurfyd

You all know Hurfyd - he’s that guy with the Youtube channel who really likes Adventure Time. Oh, and he uploads some okay music as well. We managed to get in contact with the mysterious character himself, and after harassing him for weeks on end, he finally agreed to do us a mix. Initially he just sent us a 30 minute looped version of this “tune,” before eventually agreeing to send over the actual mix. We had trouble understanding the tracklist since it was all in txt-speak and garbled text, so we’re currently chasing him up for a more clarified version. Until then, however, enjoy some unreleased UK Techno dubplates and help us celebrate our tenth guest mix.

Click the image to listen.

Posted on 1 November 2012
Tags: #Generic Cast  #Hurfyd  
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    hurfy is pretty big these days… tom gonna b huger@!!!!!
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    I made the first track. Click the image to listen. Edit: wow 898 separate plays! and mine is the first track anyone...
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    I feel like I should start a separate blog strictly for EDM. There is so much to share.
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    shouts to the HURF!!!
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