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Oil Well by Fatima Al Qadiri


Fatima Al Qadiri just might be one of the most captivating producers ever to grace the “Bass music” scene. The influence of Kuwaiti culture and heritage has always been present throughout her work, but it’s especially the case on her most recent EP, Desert Strike. On it, Al Qadiri takes inspiration from living in Kuwait during the Gulf War. ‘Oil Well’ centers itself around ghostly choirs and ominous synths, with scattered gunshots, shrapnel drops and hard-lined percussion adding an intimidating edge to it - kind of like as if you were in her shoes at the time. While this particular cut is the choice track for us, it’s probably best if you hear the whole EP for the full picture. Get to know.

Posted on 27 October 2012
Tags: #Fatima Al Qadiri  #Fade to Mind  
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