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Glitter Variables by Dro Carey

20-year old Eugene Hector has had quite a prolific year, churning out releases on the Trilogy Tapes, Opal Tapes, Templar Sound and his freshly-minted Braincamp imprint between his various aliases (Dro Carey, Tuff Sherm and his more recent PMM alias, mostly.) While we’re usually up to scratch with the man’s unsurprisingly high output, we’ve decided to go back a little bit to his first major release on the Trilogy Tapes. ‘Glitter Variables’ shifts through uneasy waves of percussion, gradually finding its own groove along the way before coming together midway with eerie synths and voices quickly popping up and dying out. While not as fully-formed as his later work, it’s still a riveting and challenging piece of work from a young man who’s quickly earned his place in the modern electronic scene.

Posted on 24 October 2012
Tags: #Dro Carey  #The Trilogy Tapes  #Venus Knocks EP  
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