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High Tide by Grown Folk
[Radio Rip]

Canadian duo Grown Folk have been quiet on the release front lately, save for boarding the Templar Sound ship a few months ago for their TS000 compilation, a collaboration with the now-on-hiatus LOL Boys and a remix for Lando Kal that’s worth keeping an eye out on. However, Jacques Greene managed to sneak in a fresh Grown Folk bit in his excellent BBC6 mix earlier this month… it’s quite scrumptious, with warm synth pads and leads floating alongside prominent vocal cuts and groove-laden rhythms. This seems like quite a versatile tune, however, making for an equally suitable conclusion as much as it does a peak-time tune. While it’s never easy waiting for unreleased bits, we’re hoping this one surfaces…

Posted on 24 October 2012
Tags: #Grown Folk  #Forthcoming  
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