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Interview: Citizen

How did you decide upon the name ‘Citizen’?

Well one of my favourite films is Akira and one of the characters has this huge 'citizen' sticker on the front of his bike and I thought it looked pretty dope.

You’re obviously a big House fan, who would you say are some producers who have influenced you?

Jeez, that’s a hard one! I’d have to say, straight off the bat, MK and Kerri Chandler as the more obvious ones, then people like Timbaland and Pharrell Williams. I’m a massive fan of the way all of the above have changed the game in different ways and for different reasons. Also, I’ve been a lifelong Daft Punk fan [laughs].

You also work for the excellent Ribbed Magazine and are one half of the Au Agency. How did the latter begin, and how did you meet up with the Ribbed crew?

Well, the magazine was the idea of my partner in crime, Matilda Finn. We kind of just hung out for ages with some amazing people and produced this sprawling magazine which received a whole bunch of accolades and critical acclaim. So I’ve been in it from it’s inception as the creative director. The Au Agency was formed after the amount of attention we received from big brands and amazing individuals to produce bespoke work tailored to our aesthetic. It’s going well!

Did you first meet Kerri Chandler at the Boiler Room, or had you discussed releasing something through his label earlier?

Yes, I first met Kerri at the Boiler Room, but we had spoken before and the label pretty much acted as the go-between. Kerri is also one of the best guys alive, obviously.

The Boiler Room has become quite a phenomenon. How is actually doing a set there?

It’s crazy, a totally surreal experience… but really amazing when you realise you’re performing to a camera with a crowd behind you drunk from copious amounts of Red Stripe.

The video for ‘Vanity' feels like witnessing a hazed out Vogue editorial after taking copious amounts of drugs. How exactly did you conceive the video and was there a lot of planning behind it?

Ha! That was kind of the idea. There wasn’t much planning. My friend Ben is this insane purist voguer/really big talent and we just rocked up to a studio and started shooting, it was a really fun day.

We’ve done interviews in the past with Darling Farah and Bambounou - both of whom have impressive dreads too. Any prospect of forming some sort of trio with them?

Darling Farah is a G, he’s put out probably my favourite release of the year so far - mad good. That [a collab] would be an amazing thing [laughs]. Who knows?

On a final note, are there any forthcoming releases for 2012?

Next release is out on Love Fever in just over a month. Limited 12” again.

Cheers, guys.

Posted on 23 October 2012
Tags: #Interviews  #Citizen