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Drain by Artifact

Through odd (to us) circumstances, the “Bass music” contingent have openly welcomed the timeless sounds of Techno into their systems, with the genre seeping into many of its producers’ sounds of late. On paper, the idea may lead to systematic over-wringing. However, many producers have incorporated their own trademarks with elements of Techno, giving the genre a new vantage point. One such producer is Bristol-based, Artifact, whose recorded debut for Local Action is a fine example of Techno and House sharing the same space. On ‘Drain,’ ominous pads, muffled percussion and a combination of 303-like and Dubstep-inflected low-end join forces, only for ruff vocal cuts to break up the foundation intermittently. Despite the slower tempo, it’s a welcome respite to Artifact’s more floor-ready cuts like ‘Worn,’ which shares sinister vocal chops but incorporates a more heady rhythm section and frantic strings. We’re definitely keeping an eye on this producer. You should too.

Posted on 16 October 2012
Tags: #Artifact  #Local Action Records  
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