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Escobar by Napolian

Napolian (real name Ian Evans) is probably one of the most thugged-out producers making music right now. Despite only having two releases to his name (on Beer on the Rug and Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software imprint), Napolian’s 80s infected jams are one hell of a trip that deserve to be experienced at every opportunity. While his last EP, Rejoice, saw Evans coasting through every studio-Funk/new age band’s recording space and dashing out with every Linn 9000 and cheesy funk synth, this particular cut sees Evans don the “creepy stalker” get-up in a potential lover’s front garden. Over its four-minute length, warped vocals and a heavy kick take their course, before eerie synths wash over them, rarely pausing for break until the very end of the track. We’re pretty psyched on what Evans brings to the fold next year, but in the mean time we’re gonna go get some henchmen to guard our houses now…

Posted on 4 October 2012
Tags: #Napolian  #Software Recording Company  
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