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Val Venus (Physical Therapy Remix) by Supreme Cuts


Chicago-based duo Supreme Cuts have left quite an impression on the underground this year, releasing the stellar Whispers in the Dark LP a few months back, and more recently, the infamous Chrome Lips mixtape with Haleek Maul. It’s no surprise then that people have warmed up quickly to their self-branded “future R&B,” as Whispers in the Dark proves. The Bass music connection hinted at throughout their music is only strengthened in the album’s remix compilation, with peeps like Brenmar and The-Drum stepping up to the plate. Despite keeping the original’s brooding melody unaltered, Physical Therapy’s remix of ‘Val Venus’ doubles the pace with frantic break-beats running laps around the synths. At times it sounds like incidental music for a science TV show, though ultimately it’s still a remix that finds its own groove pretty quickly - and we duly dig it.

Posted on 27 September 2012
Tags: #Supreme Cuts  #Physical Therapy  #Dovecote Records  
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