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I Go Boom by Addison Groove

Antony Williams has been a busy bee this year, releasing his debut LP under the Addison Groove guise on 50Weapons, in addition to contributing a track for Modeselektor’s second Modeselektion compilation. Now, just when we thought Williams was in the throes of post-album exhaustion, we get hit with this four-piece pack! In comparison to the leveled grooves (no pun intended) found on Transistor Rhythm, Williams picks up the pace for much of his Adventures in Rainbow Country - hitting the listener with a barrage of 808s not unlike his earlier EPs. This track probably sums up EP, and pretty much all of Mr. Groove’s material best, with just one prominent vocal loop. Vintage Addison Groove.

Posted on 16 September 2012
Tags: #Addison Groove  #50Weapons  
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    Marcx pulled up this tune on the Dimensions Boat Party at Outlook 2012. He did ask permission from Addison first.
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