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Guest Mix No. 7: Bobby Browser

For the seventh installment of our guest mix series we’ve enlisted the help of 100% Silk-signed badman, Bobby Browser (known to his moms as Andre Ferreira.) The Oakland-based producer dropped the stellar Just Browsing 12” on the label earlier this year, and has an EP in the works which he is currently “getting mastered.” Ferreira isn’t just a producer however, offering an impressive live synth show and an adept DJ set. This mix is 55 straight minutes of nothing but catchy House tracks, which only a handful of our eagle-eyed readers will be able to trainspot. So if you happen to recognize at least one of these tracks, let us know!

Click the image to listen.

Posted on 27 August 2012
Tags: #Generic Cast  #Bobby Browser  #100% SILK  
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