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Dark Hearts Dub (Total Freedom Blend) by Bok Bok


Around the same time the dub of Bok Bok’s remix of Riz MC started gaining some steam, Fade to Mind crew member Total Freedom sneakily crafted a bootleg of the remix. The LA based producer pits ghastly traces of BeyoncĂ©’s vocals (mercifully removing Sean Paul’s in the process) against his trademark samples to take the murky, sinister remix into new depths. Floating around exclusively within the Night Slugs and Fade to Mind camps for a while, Total Freedom only recently gave it away following the release of the Dark Hearts Dub 12”. Cop it here while you still can.

Posted on 21 August 2012
Tags: #Total Freedom  #Bok Bok  #Night Slugs  #Fade to Mind  
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