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You’re The One (Deadboy Remix) by Charli XCX

Allen Wooton, better known as Deadboy, has been rather quiet for much of this year, presumably working on his debut album which he’d hinted at in an interview for Dummy in comparison to an active 2011 (releasing the stellar Here EP for Numbers). However, we’re relieved he’s popped his head out from the dark, delivering a floor-friendly remix of Charli XCX’s gloomy-yet-optimistic “You’re the One.” However, while the Charli XCX original emits beams of hope throughout the chorus, Wooton dials up the sinister atmospherics and substitutes the stadium percussion for a thumping, Funky-esque rhythm section, with the original’s euphoric synths fading in briefly before being swallowed into the darkness.

Posted on 13 August 2012
Tags: #Charli XCX  #Deadboy  
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