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Interview: Myrryrs

Describe your sound.

This question is always hard for me and honestly I don’t put much thought into it other than when it’s asked of me. I’d rather just leave it up to the listener. I have had people approach me over the past year and point out tracks that aren’t mine but that they originally thought were. I would say that they’re probably better suited at answering the question [laughs]. I’ve generally taken those comments as complements but they also scare me. I’m afraid of emerging trends in my own production and wipe my sonic palette after each release. It keeps me creative while retaining anything I might have learned along the way.

Is there some kind of back story to the name ‘Myrryrs’?

I had a really bizarre dream while working on the road with another music project as support. Billy Corgan came to me like an angel in the night with an 8-string Flying V and a message to “save rock n’ roll.” I told Billy I wasn’t very good at playing guitar but he said that didn’t matter - it would come to me and the band would be called “Myrryrs.” i woke up and immediately wrote it all down. Not long after, I quit that gig and came home to start producing. I was familiar with Ableton, but really hadn’t made any tracks up to that point. True story.

What’s the music scene in Arizona like compared to Nashville?

I’ve only ventured out in Phoenix a few times so I have no real point of reference. Nashville can be a very enthusiastic city though and I’ve yet to see that here Arizona. I’m crazy for the desert landscape, but I miss the South. 

How influenced by the UK Bass scene are you? Have you ever been there, or have plans to go there?

I imagine the influence early on is apparent, but i think at this point I’ve grown more into my own. I’ve been to the UK twice. Both times for work and only to London. I loved it for the most part and would like to go back.

How did the Discobelle and Body High singles come about, and did you pick who did the remixes on the Discobelle release?

I wrote Feel U in the fall two years ago - just sitting in my living room. I remember it being really fucking cold and I was suffering from seasonal depression [laughs]. I sent it to about four people including Discobelle’s dropbox and they hit me back that afternoon. It was pretty much a done deal at that point, although it almost took a year for the release. As for the remixes, Clicks & Whistles were already friends of mine and I had been in contact with Teki [Latex] who showed interest in doing it. Samo [Sound Boy] was Martin’s idea which is how the Body High connection was made. The record needed a stripped down club remix and he killed it on that front. We stayed in touch after that and when Body High was in formation, Sam and Jerome [of LOL Boys] asked me if i wanted do an EP. I’m A State of Mind was written specifically for them.

Have you and some of the other US producers (Kindgom, LOL Boys, Jim-E Stack, etc) discussed the idea of forming some kind of “US Bass” supergroup?

There’s definitely some collaborations happening within the Body High roster, but personally I don’t know of anything happening between Fade to Mind & Body High yet. Sam & Jerome [LOL Boys] share a studio space with Nguzunguzu & I know DJ Sliink & MikeQ have been working on stuff together, so who knows. I think there’s big support on both sides so maybe it’s inevitable.

What are your top five favorite Memphis Rap tracks?

Instead of 5 songs, I’m just going to give you a full album, Chapter One: The End by Three 6 Mafia. It was game-changing for me as a kid. I can go back and listen to other memphis artist like Al Kapone & Skinny Pimp for nostalgia, but The End stands the test of time. 

Total side note, but still Memphis: go listen to Kia Shine’s Krispy and Beez in the Trap back to back. 

We noticed you currently follow nobody on Soundcloud, how much cash would we have to give you to follow us?

No reason behind it other than I don’t use soundcloud for it’s social networking. There’s a lot I don’t like about the site, but for now it’s one of the best places for people to hear my music. Odd request though, what’s your offer? [laughs]

How many cats do you own?

Two. An orange tabby named General Sterling Price and a grey tabby called Samwise Gamgee. Pictures attached. Just kidding! [laughs]

Do you have any other major plans for the year?

The rest of 2012 is an open book. I’ve got a few options, but even I don’t know what I’m going to commit to. The only guarantee is more shows and music.

Posted on 6 August 2012
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