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Guest Mix No. 6: Funerals

Despite being in the game since 2010, it was only a few months ago that we came across Ohio-based duo Funerals - just as they were prepping the release of their joint EP with Ritualz on Mishka’s label. Intrigued by the dark, yet astral jams they’d sent us, we got in contact with them about doing a mix. The resulting mix, despite its 35-minute length, is nothing short of dark yet energetic with the sounds of GoldFFinch, Cosmin TRG and Mosca sharing a kind of kinship with their own. We’ve got a good feeling about this duo. Strap yourself in for the ride.

Click the image to listen.

goldFFinch - Let Me See
Function - Obsessed
Eddie Amador - House Music (Pig & Dan’s Moog Remix)
Cosmin TRG - Sommer
Mikix the Cat - Bucket
Mosca - Wray & Neph
Alex D££mnds - Credentials
Ikonika - PR812 
Jacques Greene - These Days

Posted on 25 July 2012
Tags: #Funerals  #Mishka  #Generic Cast  
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