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Interview: Bambounou

Describe your sound.

I’m just doing whatever I feel like doing, when I experiment the sound changes as to what mood I’m in, I guess this makes a range of different music.

How did your forthcoming EP for 50Weapons come about?

Modeselektor tweeted me saying my track ‘Alpha’ was great. From there, they mailed me and asked if I could do a track for the [Second Modeselektion compilation], so I produced [‘Pixel’]. I then met them in Berlin when I played at the Addison Groove album release party. It was here that they asked me to do an album for them to release on 50Weapons, which means I did an EP  and am currently finishing my album to follow.

When did you meet French Fries?

I met French Fries eight years ago when we both used to skate together. We wore penis-hugging skinny jeans. It was funny.

Recently news broke that  you and French Fries were doing a collab with Piu Piu. How’s it coming along?

Currently we’re producing PIUPIU, you guys can expect to hear something banging real soon.

How do you normally approach production? Ever since your collaboration with Joakim have you incorporated hardware more into your production?

Just before I sleep and when I get an idea, I record it on my phone, or write it down, then I sleep. When I wake up I go to my computer and start working, most of the time that idea is the beginning of a beat, or a melody. This method helps me loads. I haven’t incorporated hardware in my production, I use the Moog voyager sometimes at French Fries’ studio. [Although] I just have a computer and one speaker at my place.

You’ve popped up a few times in male fashion editorials and a few runway shows. How exactly were you scouted for modeling? Is it a kind of  side career for you?

Sorry baby, but that has nothing to do with music.

What did you do with it?

[Laughs] I wish I could have thrown it in a lake and blown up all the fishes, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

How do you get your dreads so perfect?

To have perfect dreads, basically do nothing and leave them, wash them once every three days with soft shampoo, and use some Shea butter every month. BOOM!

What are your remaining plans for 2012?

I just released my EP Night/Brawl on ClekClekBoom, then I have my EP called Cobe and album coming out on 50Weapons, then I’ll do more and more music.

Bambounou also asked us to attach this picture with the interview. 

Posted on 16 July 2012
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