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Guest Mix No. 5: Indigo Bunting

An Indigo Bunting is a small migratory bird from North America, which is somewhat fitting as this mix migrates through a host of different genres. Starting with a rather soulful intro, things get heavy quickly, with the mix soon shifting into Juke and Jungle territory, and then beyond. Rarely will you hear such an eclectic range of music in a time span of just over half an hour. Perhaps this should be expected however from Zach White (aka Indigo Bunting), a producer whose sound is forever evolving, warping, and always at the forefront of innovative club music. So sit back for a 35 minute musical journey from Kansas City’s finest.

Click the image to listen.

Eric Serra - Mina Hinoo
Coyote Oldman - Ancient Light
Deft - Bring Your Thing
Poor Sport & Loadr - Response
Satanicpornocultshop - Act
Vood - Summer
mr76 - Math
Caustic Window - Fantasia
Drumdriver - Skyy (Mickey Finn & L Double Remix)
"It’s a Jungle" from the Killer Instinct OST
dBridge & Instra:mental - Detroid
Jack Dixon - I Let You (The Phantom Remix)
UGK - Choppin’ Blades
Flying Lotus & Declaime - Whole Wide World (feat. Pattie Bligh)
Broken Social Scene - Feel Good Lost
Nat King Cole - Nature Boy
Posted on 3 July 2012
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