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Metzger by Bandshell

The majority of tracks scattered throughout Bandshell’s first contribution to the Hessle Audio discography exert an active kind of energy. The omnipresent low-end is accompanied by sounds darting from left to right - echoing and decaying, which emerge and then disappear without a trace. While tracks like ‘Rise ‘Em’ and ‘Dog Sweater’ relentlessly aim themselves at the listener, ‘Metzger’ serves as the sole moment of respite and probably the most outwardly melodic part of the EP. During it, indiscernible sounds crumble underneath muddy yet still prominent synths, and restrained percussion. The EP’s consistency has left us curious and excited to see what the man himself comes up with next, and whether it finds a home within Hessle’s territory or elsewhere.

Posted on 29 June 2012
Tags: #Bandshell  #Hessle Audio  
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