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Interview: Darling Farah

Describe your sound.

Stripped back electronic music.

How exactly did you first meet with Civil Music? Do you plan to continue releasing material exclusively through them into the future?

I met with them through Myspace while I was searching through new music pages and stumbled across theirs. Then I started sending them some of my music to see what they thought. We kept in touch and spoke about releasing music and it eventually happened. There are other labels I would like to work with in the future when the time’s right.

In an interview you did with RA in February, it said “further EPs and eventually an album” are forthcoming on Civil. Obviously this didn’t eventuate in that order. Was this a publishing error on their part or had you originally planned to release more EP’s before the full length?

Releasing another EP or two was going to happen but I decided to just move to the album instead as I didn’t see a reason not to.

What was the process for making the album? Were the tracks mostly done in a specific period of time, or were some older tracks you had done in the past?

The songs were done around the same time - in like three months. I worked at home on my laptop when it was later in the day, or usually at night when I could just focus on making music.

Body is a very cohesive and flowing album. Were you conscious to make an album as suited to listening to at home as to spinning out?

I did want that cohesive feel, but more in terms of the sound rather than the environment where you heard it.

Do you have any future plans to move back to Detroit?

No concrete plans yet but I’m going back soon for sure.

You’ve mentioned before you’re a big hip hop fan, have you ever produced any Hip hop songs/or plan to in the future?

Hip hop will always be around for me. I’m not making a lot [of it] these days but I have in the past. I’m sure I will keep messing with it.

You’ve got pretty impressive dreads - how long have they taken to get to the stage they’re at?

A while!

Have you ever considered a collaboration with Waka Flocka Flame? (whose dreads are also quite impressive)

[Laughs.] No, I haven’t actually considered that. Wouldn’t know where to start! I like the music though!

Posted on 27 June 2012
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