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Guest Mix No. 4: AppleBottom

Joe Arthur is a 17 year old producer from Bristol who’s surely set for big things. Considering his age, or lack of, his ability to craft catchy tracks is impressive. Through the range of songs on his Soundcloud, the quality goes from strength to strength. It’s no surprise that Russian label Wicked Bass have tapped him for an EP due later this year (like Huerco S, our last guest in the Generic Cast series). The mix he’s whipped up for us is short but sweet, going from modern UK club anthems (George FitzGerald, Guy Andrews) to straight-up classics (‘Promised Land’ and ‘Vamp“‘back-to-back), with one or two curve-balls thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

Click the image to listen.

Shola Ama - Imagine (Club Asylum Remix)
George FitzGerald - Shackled
Guy Andrews - Hands in Mine
Quest - Everybody in the Place
The Outlander - Vamp
Joe Smooth - Promised Land
Neon Jung - Delirium Tremens
Maelstrom - Pool Chicks
Disclosure - Flow
Isaac Christopher - Shake It
Dark Sky - Ruk
Girl Unit - Plaza
Sun Ra - The Light Thereof

Posted on 21 June 2012
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