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Guest Mix No. 3: Huerco S.

Kansas based Huerco S. shrouds himself in mystery, preferring to let the music represent himself instead. His No Jack EP has proven to be one of our favourite releases in 2012 thus far, with its take on House sounding both classic, yet original. This mix takes a slower approach than preceding guest mixes, with more of a  late night come-down vibe apparent. Either way it’s a mix we love - and we’re sure you will too.

Click the image to listen.

Move D - Cymbelin
Kowton - Never Liked Dancing
Rick Wade - Prime Time
Nyra - Dres Done Right
Marcus Mixx - Psychousic
Simoncino - Ocean
The Godson & Kyle Hall - Microburst
Norrit - Every Beat

Posted on 10 May 2012
Tags: #Huerco S.  #Generic Cast  
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