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Interview: Chaos In The CBD

Describe your sound.

Hi-hats, snares, kick drums, synths, lemon juice, and some herbs from our friend Milan’s garden.

You’re from New Zealand but are part of the Youngunz crew, who are based out of France, how did you become involved with them?

The Interwebs. We met most of those guys (French Fries, Manare, Bambounou) sharing tunes over the net. Friendships quickly developed and we eventually met them in person in 2010.

What’s the House/Garage scene like in New Zealand? Any other producers that you’d recommend?

Our house is pretty nice. It’s an open-plan flat with big rooms and very high ceilings. Our garage is not so nice… very dark, damp, grimy and muddy. One of our friends apparently made love to some chick in that garage [laughs]. In all seriousness though, there are definitely some cool things happening in New Zealand. Our flatmates Sable and Forest Spirits are both making some really cool stuff. Much more experimental than what we’re doing obviously, but it’s great to have a group of like-minded friends making music.

You were previously in a band called Dionysus, tell us a little about that.

Yeah, we used to play in a band in high school. It’s strange because back then we didn’t really like dance music all that much. Those times were really fun but we just needed something different. After we discovered dance music, it was a quick transition to becoming DJ’s and making music.

How long have you been producing under the Chaos in the CBD moniker? Were you making other electronic music before that?

We’ve been doing it for about four years now. Ben used to make beats on Fruity Loops under the moniker Beat Masta Ben but it was mostly for a laugh at the time. He was making some funny music - he used to, like, sample stuff from the game Counterstrike and make really wacky dance beats. Ben always likes to inject some form of humour into his music. I think in the past year or so he has really found his sound, and it’s exciting as his biggest fan to watch it blossom.

Despite having only released two EP’s so far and a handful of tracks on compilations, you seem to have this consistent sound that doesn’t become predictable, how do you keep it sounding new?‬

We try really hard not to get caught up in fads, because a lot of that stuff is short lived and we don’t want to be left behind with some boring sub-genre. We draw a lot of inspiration from older House music - the timeless stuff, and also a lot of R&B, and Pop music too.

You guys seem to be producing new tunes constantly - whether it be originals or remixes. ‬Before you’d even released the Moving Image EP there were quite a few tracks of yours that you’d uploaded to YouTube. Just how many tracks have you made in total?

We actually release very little of what we make. A search of our name in my iTunes shows over 200 demo’s - most of which will never see the light of day. When we were starting out we just gave away everything we did for free. We’re a bit more selective about what we give out these days.

What plans do you have for 2012?‬

We have about four or five EP’s lined up this year that are all pretty different from each other and are all ready to go. Other than releases we’d like to start touring and get back to Europe again.

Posted on 23 April 2012
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