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Themed Cast No. 2: Next Door Trap

Bass and Trap Music is like Alize and lemonade - a perfect combination. Focusing on 135-140bpm business, there’s multi-platinum rappers like Rick Ross, Waka Flocka Flame, and Wiz Khalifa,  alongside up and comers like Schoolboy Q and Main Attrakionz. Then of course there’s the Bass producers - Coni, Lunice, and Girl Unit to name a few. If you like your sounds subtle then you’re in the wrong place - this is a straight up, no frills, no bullshit, redline your speakers ting.

Click the image to listen. 

Posted on 4 April 2012
Tags: #Generic Cast  #Schoolboy Q  #Jam City  #Main Attrakionz  #Wiz Khalifa  #Coni  #Waka Flocka Flame  #Evian Christ  #Arp.101  #Clams Casino  #Girl Unit  #Rustie  
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