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Interview: Fort Romeau

Describe your sound.

Warm House-inspired electronic music.

It has been fairly well-publicised that you play keys in La Roux’s band, how long have had an interest in house music?

Since I was about 17, so nearly ten years. I’m interested in all types of electronic music.

Your debut LP, Kingdoms came out recently. What made you decide to do an LP as opposed to a 12” or EP first? Do you think there’s a trend towards producers opting for full length albums?

It’s kind of half way between the two really, it started off as a 4-track EP then I just kept sending them tracks and they wanted to release them so it ended up being a 6-track vinyl then we added an extra two for the CD and digital [versions]. I actually feel like the trend is going the other way, people are less interested in producing albums as listening habits change but I feel there is a place for both approaches.

What exactly does a Fort Romeau live show involve, do you do a live set? or simply DJ?

There’s no such thing at the moment, I really like DJ’ing and feel it’s an entirely separate entity to what a live performance should be. I’m thinking about how to do a live set in a way that would be appropriate and interesting. There would definitely be no laptop involved.

In your mixes you’ve shown a penchant for techno (producers like Joy O, Boddika, Kassem Mosse). Being from London, have you noticed a renewed interest in that sound of late in the UK?

Yeah, I think that people who have come principally from a Jungle to Dubstep background have been moving in on a more techno-based sound for a few years now. I guess people like Pinch have been doing it for a good while but it’s becoming harder to see the lines between the latter part of the “hardcore continuum” and established trends in both House and Techno.

Have you always produced House music? What programs do you use?

I don’t really think about it like that. I mean, I’ve been influenced by house producers, techno producers, “electronica” producers and I think there’s a bit of all of that in my music. But the “vibe,” I guess, is definitely inspired by early Chicago stuff: it’s more a feeling than a sound I’m looking for. Gear-wise, it’s very simple: Ableton Live, a MiniMoog plug-in and a Yamaha DX-7.

Pitchfork, in their review of Kingdoms, touched upon some “dance purists” deriving 100% Silk for its somewhat “lo-fi” sound. How would you respond to this?

I really don’t think it matters if something is “lo-fi” or “hi-fi,” as long as it’s interesting music. I mean, [just because] everything in the iTunes top ten is “hi-fi” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily great music, is it?

Do you have any major plans for the rest of this year? Any further releases/collaborations?

DJ’ing, no other releases scheduled at the moment but working on new music so we will see!

Posted on 27 March 2012
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