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Interview: The Phantom

Describe your sound.

Romantic, melodic, clear-cut.

You’re from Warsaw. What’s the scene for electronic music like there? Is there much of a following for Bass music? Are there any other Warsaw based producers you’d recommend?

I think it’s still too early to talk about ‘scenes’ in particular cities here. It’s true that the best events are mostly held in Warsaw (apart from Unsound Festival in Cracow), but there isn’t any specific ‘home town’ for producers. Anyway - I’m really into Zeppy Zep, Sentel, Umba, Vanatoski, pvregold. Ironically, none of them are from Warsaw.

Do you ever feel being based there limits you? Have you considered relocating to the UK?

Ha! A lot of people ask me this. I’ve never considered moving anywhere to be honest. I’m very attached to Poland and Warsaw.

Do you make music full time?

I do now. It feels so refreshing when you don’t have to study Tudor England.

While your first EP displayed a more UK Funky indebted influence, EP2 seems to have gone further into the 80s in terms of its sound, particularly in ‘Gothic.’ Were you listening to much 80s Pop/Funk while writing EP2?‬

Good point. The influence definitely comes from the 80s period, but it was about catching this mood of luxury and futurism rather than recreating specific producers. Although you could perhaps trace some Vanity 6/Prince or Mtume in there. Also, ‘Late Night Sex’ (a bonus track from EP2) was heavily influenced by the 80’s films scored by Tangerine Dream.

Do you use analog synths? Or is everything done through the computer?

It’s all done on my laptop.

Have you ever thought about doing a collaboration with Jam City or ARP101, both of whom also have Funk leaning tendencies?

Not sure really. All the collaborations I’ve done so far were fun (Voltron, JTRP, Zeppy Zep), but I always feel like there’s something missing.

What plans have you got for the remainder of this year?

There’s EP2 Remixed coming out soon with Optimum, MikeQ, BD1982, Sentel and more involved. EP3 is finished as well, but needs to wait for its turn. There are plenty of remixes and compilation tracks planned. Long story short - loads of new tracks coming out soon.

Posted on 9 March 2012
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