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The People / The Scene / The Life / The Soul: A Global Compilation

A global compilation between four blogs. Four tracks from each party made exclusively by a unique artist solely for the compilation. Ranging from floor destroying bangers, to soulful Garage, this is the essential compilation for any music lover.

Click the image to download. Tracklisting after the jump:

01. Apple Bottom - Girl Cry
02. George Jetson - Birthday Sex
03. Sarp Yilmaz - Disco Inferno
04. Lex - What Else
05. Mosis - Waiting Games
06. The Blank - Say It All
07. Sibian & Faun - Remember
08. Stavrogin - Interval
09. Mig Dfoe - Zero
10. Deadbit - Collided
11. Strict Face - Bad Girls Ha (JD’s Club Fuck)
12. Nehuen - I Was There
13. Adlane - I Feel Good
14. Dro Carey - Gunmouth
15. Memotone - They Feel It Moving
16. Tony Devotion - King V.2

Posted on 29 February 2012
Tags: #Apple Bottom  #Deadbit  #Dro Carey  #Generic Cast  #PSLS  #Stavrogin  #Sibian & Faun  
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