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Lime Wash (Barrelled) by Karenn

So y’all have probably been waiting for this release for a while now, we certainly have. For those that don’t already know, Karenn is Blawan and Pariah. When possibly the producer of 2010, Pariah, teams up with possibly the producer of 2011, Blawan, you know shit is going to get real. It’s pretty difficult to separate the three tracks from one another, with all of them infectiously good. But, because this track didn’t leak prior to its release, we decided to post it for y’all. It warps and twists about the place, and is as terrifying as it is a banger. Show some love - grab this one on wax.

Posted on 30 November 2011
Tags: #Karenn  #Pariah  #Blawan  
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    Karenn - Lime Wash (Barrelled)
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    Karenn - Lime Wash (Barrelled) (Thanks to Generic People)
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    I have been waiting so long to hear this song!
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    Karenn (Blawan + Pariah) - Lime Wash (Barrelled)
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