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Barcode (Clicks & Whistles Remix) by Blood Diamonds

If we’re being honest here, this particular combination is a little interesting… 4AD-approved hit machine Blood Diamonds and former A$AP associate Dominic Lord hopping on a track, remixed by personal favourites Clicks & Whistles. While Dom’s verses came backed with infectiously catchy synths and hooks, the North Carolina duo’s remix takes him on a jungle-tinged rollercoaster that seems to restrain itself a tiny bit. Regardless, it’s nonetheless worthy of making a dancefloor go crazy at the right moment.

Quivver by Pearson Sound

Despite the excessive hype surrounding many of its tracks, Think and Change, the first compilation from Boddika’s NonPlus imprint, holds itself together as a whole, serving as a cohesive collection of tracks from like-minded contributors such as Four Tet, Kassem Mosse and Lowtec and a window into the label’s future. Pearson Sound’s contribution may feel a teeny bit odd compared to his last EP on Hessle for some, but it’s a much-welcomed change of pace among the compilation’s majority, edging itself with his trademark drums, Hoover-like pads and a ghostly vocal before finally giving in 2.5 minutes prior to the track’s end. We’ve never been disappointed with his material by any means, but let’s hope DK doesn’t go too house-y on us in 2013.

Daphne by South London Ordnance

And Then We by Breach and T. Williams

Catz n’ Dogz’s Pets label has just put out the second installment of their Friends Will Carry You Home series, and it’s a bit of a corker. The tracks by Trikk, A1 Bassline and Tom Demac stand out to us as well, but it’s this particular cut between Ben Westbeech’s housier alter ego and T. Williams (pictured) which had us hooked from the start. Standing more in line with their recent work, the duo works through an Afro-centric groove with (somewhat) eerie synth pads and sudden vocal pops coasting throughout its seven-minute duration. Despite a lot of tracks in this certain vein popping up recently, ‘And Then We’ proves itself to be an exception to the rule.

Limbo Limbs by Dro Carey & Grown Folk

Grown Folk (pictured), after a long period of inactivity have returned with a flourish - that’s included a recent release on Icee Hot, a collab EP forthcoming with Main Attrakionz, and now this bit. On the other hand, Sydney based Dro Carey is generally fairly constant with releases - either under that name, or his Tuff Sherm moniker. After apparently floating around the Templar archives for a while, ‘Limbo Limbs,’ has now finally seen the light of day to promote Grown Folk’s aforementioned release with Main Attrakionz. It’s a somewhat heavy Grime indebted tune - which would no doubt sound good with an MC spitting over it. Gun fingers ready.