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The Fallout by Breach & Dark Sky


Dark Sky (pictured) were the first international guest we had at one of our monthly club nights. During their set they dropped A-side to this bit, ‘The Click,’ leaving the crowd scurrying for ID’s. Over six months on, the 12” has finally seen a release - and it seems the wait was worth it. A rip of the aforementioned track has been floating around YouTube for a while now, with the final 12” version seemingly pretty much identical, thus it’s this bit which really got our attention. It’s straight floor-killing business - though with a soulful vocal cut which makes it nice and accessible (DJ’s take note). Here’s hoping Breach and Dark Sky collaborate again.

Time For Change by Ejeca


Belfast based Ejeca shares quite a few similarities in terms of sound to city counterparts, Bicep. With four well received releases last year, coupled with a huge resurgence in interest in 90s esque House, Ejeca has risen from a virtual unknown to hotly tipped production force. With ‘Time For Change’ he shows his versatility - and that he’s capable of making more than just club bangers. Yes, those haunting vocals are pretty similar to a certain London producer’s, but that bassline is what really does it for us.

Need You Around (feat. The GTW) by Sweater Beats


The Young Love / Heartbreak free EP that Sweater Beats and Morri$ have dropped each Valentines Day for the past three has become somewhat of an institution. The EP generally takes form as a heavily Hip hop indebted cut, with warped R&B vocals, and warm synths. ‘Need You Around’ is a playful little bit, that’s instantly catchy - resulting in it already getting a heavy rinsing in the GP basement. Valentines Day has rather ironically become one of our favourite days (we’re about as romantic as car insurance), purely because of all the free stuff producers drop.

Ladyboy by Morri$


Since first hearing ‘Ladyboy’ on Phiesciono Canty’s (aka Morri$) Soundcloud¬† a couple of weeks ago, we’ve pretty much had it on repeat. Its now seen its release proper - so you can enjoy it in all its 320 kbps glory. Cop it here.

Broken Patterns by Kassem Mosse


As the entire free world eagerly awaits the Think & Change LP to be released, attention has turned to the two samplers dropping beforehand. Sampler 1 features this track, and a Boddika rework of ‘Mercy,’ while the second one includes bits from SCB and Basic Soul Unit. ‘Broken Patterns’ encompasses Mosse’s typically layered, analog-heavy sound, with little effort for accessibility. It sure beats that music you hear while you’re on hold for two hours after ringing a call-centre.