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Mr. Cake by Ikonika

Despite remaining quiet in the aftermath of 2010’s Contact Love Want Have before returning with last year’s I Make Lists EP, Sara Abdel-Hamid (a.k.a. Ikonika) has more than proven her status in the modern club diaspora since bursting onto the scene with her first EPs on Hyperdub. Aerotropolis, Contact's followup, is light years away from the immersive bleeps of its predecessor, but that works out to Abdel-Hamid's advantage, as proven on this particular cut. 'Mr. Cake' sees Ikonika's interest in 80s freestyle flesh itself out over a sunny landscape with shimmering synths and crunchy Linn drums taking prominence. However, while the dystopian landscape still pops up on tracks such as 'Backhand Winners,' we're ultimately won over by this new chapter.

Movies (Murlo Refix) by Ashanti

Profuse apologies for the lengthy hiatus. Here’s something we’ve been vibing off quite a bit lately in lieu of a lot of the stuff that’s been gathering heat in the underground: two favourites - one producer on the come-up and one songstress who’s kind of fallen by the wayside in recent years - colliding for a rather scrumptious refix in advance of Murlo’s breathtaking Last Dance EP on Glacial Sound. Get to know.

Interview: MikeQ


Your Eyes Were Green by Visionist

OG Master by Kingdom

We’ve never doubted Kingdom for a second, maintaining his status within the top producer tier over the last few years. However, he’s stepped it up quite a notch on his newest EP, Vertical XL, threading its tracks with a consistent narrative, much like the focal points found in Girl Unit’s Club Rez EP and Jam City’s Classical Curves. OG Master sees the producer go outright grimy, hammering relentless kicks and airy synth leads together within a bone-chilling environment, contrasting the lighter side of the EP with finesse. If this is what Kingdom’s got in store for us, then we’re more than willing to jump in for the ride.